The importance of Legionnaires’ disease testing

The importance of Legionnaires’ disease testing

Legionellosis – also known as Legionnaires’ disease – is an infection caused by various bacteria of the genus Legionella. The disease is transmitted through droplets of water that contains these organisms at high levels. Legionella bacteria grow naturally and can be found in various environmental settings, therefore it is difficult to eradicate them completely or stop them from entering our water systems. Although the disease itself is relatively rare, these bacteria can cause other serious complications such as Pontiac fever and pneumonia. A small concentration of these bacteria is not harmful, but in an encouraging environment, they can reach an ideal temperature and multiply, creating a thick biofilm that sticks to the surface of pipes that contain still water or accommodate slow-moving water.

Legionnaires’ disease testing – our services

At Bison Assist we have developed a comprehensive system for testing Legionella which includes multiple steps. As members of the Legionella Control Association, we will provide accurate results with the help of our highly-qualified technical service teams. By determining the actual source of the infection, it’s possible to make a claim, and if left unidentified and exposed, the source of legionella will continue to be a threat.

Commercial premises in the UK in particular, are required to have an in-house Legionnaires’ disease testing system and they need to show evidence that they are compliant with the current legislation. Bison Assist will test your premises at least once a year, thus reducing the risk of a Legionella infection. Additionally, we will provide a comprehensive and up-to-date plan for preventing the disease with an emphasis on frequent water tests on your premises. Our aim is to reduce any risk by providing detailed records as per the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Legionnaires’ disease testing

Why choose us

At Bison Assist, our commitment to quality in our Legionnaires’ disease testing and consulting services is what sets us apart. Not only do we offer services all over the UK, but also we have many years of experience working across multiple business sectors. We work closely with all of our clients and our prices are very competitive. To learn more about our services, visit our website:


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