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Why The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 matters for your business?

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A look at employee health & safety in numbers.

In 1974 working in the UK became a whole lot safer as then Secretary of State Michael Foot introduced the Health and Safety Act 1974. Although today the Health and Safety Act is an integral part of any reputable business, this Bill only got passed on its third attempt through Parliament. The difference it has made since then is substantial to say the least.

As a private or public organisation in the UK today your employees and your business reap the benefits of this legislation. Helping ensure you continue to do so by staying compliant are health and safety companies, including Bison Assist.

Why does The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 matter so much?

Taking a look at some of the numbers to come out of the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reveals just how important this decades’ old piece of legislation is to the wellbeing of your employees:

  • since 1974 the number of fatal injuries to employees has dropped by a staggering 85%
  • since the mid-1980s the number of non-fatal injuries reported by employees has dropped by almost 60%
  • since 1990 the number of musculoskeletal disorders reported by employees has dropped by half
  • since 1990 work-related ill-health reported by employees has dropped by a third

Staying compliant with The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 has clearly improved the lives of the UK working population. A healthier, happier workforce ultimately means your organisation is more likely to succeed. On the flipside, failure to comply with this legislation leads to employee injuries, fatalities and hefty fines.

Making the right choice

Staying compliant without the assistance of health and safety companies who have an in-depth knowledge of health and safety legislation and how to meet its exacting requirements is a risk that is simply not worth taking. But with so many health and safety companies to choose from, who should you turn to for your health and safety audit?

At Bison Assist, we’re certain we’re the right choice and here’s why:

  • we provide services nationwide so we can get to you wherever you are in the UK
  • we have years of experience across a range of business, so we understand the challenges you are facing
  • we provide unbeatable discounts when you choose us for multiple services
  • our highly skilled assessors have a reputation for being friendly, professional and thorough in their work
  • we give reasonable and practicable advice, so you understand what is expected from you in terms of minimising and managing the risks in the workplace.
  • we provide a comprehensive health and safety audit to help you meet HSE and CQC, so you won’t ever have to worry about compliance again

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Do you know what hazards your employees are facing? It’s time for a health and safety risk assessment

Health and safety risk assessment

You know the ins and outs of every aspect of your organisation, how it works, the staff you’ve hired, its weaknesses and strengths. But understanding the hazards present in the workplace is a different matter. All it takes is overlooking one seemingly insignificant hazard and you’ll be in breach of health and safety legislation. A health and safety risk assessment is really the only way to make sure you’ve identified and managed each of the hazards employees in your organisation face day-to-day.

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The importance of regular risk assessments in a healthcare premises.

To ensure their patients safety and health during appointments, each practice has the duty of care to carry out risk assessments. Its purpose is to maintain safety and reduce accidents, injuries and identify faults. This process is also designed to protect the practice staff. In fact, businesses with five or more employees are legally obliged under the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 to carry out regular risk assessments.

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Is Your Practice Safe?

Even the relatively safe environment of a dental practice can hide potential risks to employees and patients. Slips, trips and falls, the chemicals used, even microbiological hazards and medical equipment can all cause harm, which is why a risk assessment is a legal requirement and the key to meet the standards set out by the Health and Safety Executive and Care Quality Commission.

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Why risk assessments are vital in an office.

Fire risk assessment report

Even the relatively safe environment of an office can hide potential risks to employees. Trips and electrical equipment can all contribute to the dangers which is why a risk assessment is key to meeting the standards set out by the Health and Safety Executive.

Minimising risk and documenting what you find is required by all businesses. It helps employers create procedures to lower or eliminate the risks all together. It’s also a great way to inform training and design new policies.

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Why risk assessments are vital in a care home.

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Having a risk assessment in a care home it’s a legal requirement, especially because of the vulnerable nature of its residents. Visitors, like family or agency professionals also need protecting, alongside staff exposed to slippery surfaces and tripping hazards, for example. You will need in the first place to observe and evaluate the risks residents/staff/visitors might be exposed to and make sure you take appropriate measures to minimise these risks.

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