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Facilities management encompasses all of the services that maintain grounds, buildings, and properties, ensuring that they are safe for anyone using them. This can include staff, residents, customers, service users, and more – so safety facilities managers are often responsible for safeguarding lots of people at once. From first aid provisions to building fire risk assessments – there are many aspects of risk to consider.

Facilities Management risk assessments

Monitoring risk for facilities management organisations can include a range of specialist risk assessments, including health and safety, disability access, fire safety, legionella, and water sampling. Regular assessments, in line with current legislation, are fundamental to keeping facilities functional and safe for everyone.

Our cost-effective 4-in-1 Risk assessment package has been carefully designed so all our clients can be deemed as compliant with the current legislation. All our risk assessors are experienced and fully qualified to conduct suitable and sufficient risk assessments and also offer practicable advice and recommendations, so our client’s staff and customers are safe while accessing their premises.

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We offer our risk assessment and eLearning services to facilities management organisations nationwide, offering unbeatable multi-service discounts and quality customer service to save you time and money. Find out more about Bison Assist and our range of services below.

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There are specific risks and hazards in the medical sector that require expert monitoring to safeguard patients, service users, medical staff, and anyone else at risk of harm in healthcare facilities. We have a number of medical equipment suppliers and care services in the Bison Assist herd who continue to use our risk assessment services.

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In the dental sector, there are unique risks and hazards that have to be accounted for to keep patients, dentists, dental nurses, and admin staff safe while they are in the practice. We serve a number of dental practices and dentistry supplies businesses who know they can rely on our expert risk assessments.

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