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Risk assessments play a fundamental role in keeping a workplace safe and accessible for everyone. Regular and thorough checks to workplace physical condition, policy and process are really important. These checks should be supported with assessments conducted by qualified individuals who have expert knowledge to identify and support in minimising any risks. This also includes disability access and any barriers to accessibility.

In line with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, Section 2(1), all employers have the duty to safeguard their employees’ health, safety and welfare at work. Bottom line, employers don’t only have a legal duty, but also a moral one to ensure their employees leave work safe, as no one should be expected to lose life, limb or have their mental health affected within the workplace.

Ensuring disability access is compliant with current legal requirements is a key part of promoting equality. This will help to make the space as safe, inclusive, and accessible to as many people as possible. These guidelines are in place to help eliminate discrimination or exclusion of people on the basis of disability and play a role in protecting their wellbeing.

At Bison Assist, we deliver health and safety and disability access services that comply with the most up-to-date guidance and legislation to keep you within your legal responsibilities and keep your workplace safe. You can learn more about Bison Assist’s health and safety services below.

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Health & Safety Risk Assessments

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Disability Access Risk Assessments

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4-in-1 Multi-Service Discount

Our highly qualified specialists can carry out multiple risk assessments in a single visit, offering a multi-service discount. These include risk assessments for Health & Safety and Disability Access as well as for Fire Safety and Water Management.

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More Services

Fire Safety Services

If proper procedure is not followed, fire hazards in the workplace can have potentially lethal consequences. We offer fire safety services that follow the latest safety regulations in order to help you meet your legal responsibilities and ensure that fire risks are minimised in your workplace.

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Legionella Services

Safe water management is essential to safeguarding people from exposure to waterborne bacteria like legionella. We provide water management risk assessments and sampling services to identify risks and keep your water safe.

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Health and Safety eLearning

Our online courses are extremely flexible, easily accessible, and available 24/7. They develop knowledge and understanding in the latest health and safety legislation across key areas of risk management for both employers and employees, from safeguarding vulnerable people to data protection.

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