Legionella risk assessment for landlords: are your tenants at risk?

Every year, hundreds of people in the UK contract Legionnaires’ disease; a lung infection so severe that around 10% of cases prove fatal. Contracting this disease isn’t unavoidable, in fact it is quite preventable if the right measures are taken to prevent the growth of the bacteria that causes it. That’s where your responsibility as a landlord comes in. When was the last time you had a Legionella risk assessment for landlords carried out at your property?

If the answer is never or not for at least a year, then it’s time you get one. Here’s why: 

Legionella is all around us

Legionella bacteria can be commonly found in natural water sources, such as lakes and rivers. However, levels occurring in natural environments are usually not high enough to pose a threat when we’re exposed to it. 

In contrast, man-made environments, such as water storage units, air conditioning systems and other water systems in kitchens and bathrooms can present an ideal breeding ground for Legionella to multiply to dangerous levels. These bacteria thrive especially well at water temperatures between 20–45°C. 

legionella risk assessment for landlords

Legionella can be controlled with legionella risk assessment for landlords

Legionella likes warm, slow-moving water to grow. A Legionella risk assessment carried out for your residential property, can help identify potential risks and suggest how to mitigate or eliminate them. For example, instantaneous water heaters can be used to avoid the use of water storage tanks, and control settings on hot water cylinders can be set to 60°C.

As a landlord, UK legislation, namely the L8 Approved Code of Practice, states that you are required to assess the Legionella exposure risk to tenants on your premises. This is why our legionella risk assessment for landlords is vital.

To make sure you are fully compliant with current legislation, Bison Assist are here to help with a comprehensive Legionella risk assessment for landlords. Discover more about our service and ensure you are meeting your responsibilities as a landlord today. 

Fire Risk Consultancy.

What do you Stand to Gain?

You never think it could happen to your property, but in the UK, it happens about 20,000 times a year. We are, of course, talking about fires on commercial properties. Recovering from a fire on your property can take years due to both the financial and emotional impact. But these consequences can be considerably reduced through fire risk consultancy; risk assessments that will identify potential fire hazards and give you clear guidance on what you can do about it.

Fire risk assessment report

At Bison Assist we provide fire risk consultancy for companies of all sizes across the UK. Here’s what you stand to gain from our comprehensive fire risk assessments: 

Fire Risk – Know you’re on the right side of the law

UK legislation is often amended and updated. Rules change, and if you find yourself on the wrong side of compliance when a fire occurs on your property, claiming you were unaware of current legislation won’t get you very far. 

Legislation can be tricky to understand, with technical details, legal language and jargon getting in the way. At Bison Assist, we continually keep track of all the latest changes to UK legislation around fire safety. 

We’ve run through the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 and the Health and Safety (Safety, Signs, and Signals) Regulations 1996 with a fine-tooth comb. We will ensure that you are fully aware of what you need to do to stay compliant.

Fire risk consultancy Identifies your risks without delay or disturbance with

Wherever you’re based in the UK, our fully trained assessors can come to you and work unobtrusively to identify your fire safety risks, with minimal disturbance to the day-to-day running of your business. 

Get specialist advice and assistance

We’ve helped businesses across a wide range of industries bring their premises in line with current UK legislation around fire safety. We have the expertise to provide advice on the measures needed, all while keeping your business’ needs in mind. 

To enjoy peace of mind and bring your fire safety up to the task, contact Bison Assist for fire risk consultancy you can trust.

Legionella training courses with Bison Assist

Legionnaires’ disease or Legionella is a disease that is caused by exposure to the bacterium Legionella pneumophila which is found in man-made water systems. Symptoms are very similar to pneumonia and range from cough and fever to shortness of breath and headaches. People infected with Legionella will exhibit symptoms 2 to 10 days after exposure to the bacteria, but it can take longer.

Legionella bacteria can cause serious health problems if levels become high. Premises with still or running water should be carefully checked in order to ensure that the water system is regularly maintained and safe to use. Legionella training courses by Bison Assist aim to make the owners of these premises aware of the dangers of this infectious disease, by helping them understand their legal and social responsibilities. Our courses, which are developed by health and safety professionals, are fully online and can be completed at your own pace.

Who should attend these Legionella training courses?

If you are responsible for a premises – no matter how big or small it is and regardless of the number of people working or residing in it – then you are responsible for their health and safety. Our thorough Legionella training course provides details on how you can identify potential Legionella risks and respond appropriately via a controlled risk assessment.

How is the course structured?

Legionella training courses

At Bison Assist, we provide online courses which you can take in the comfort of your own home. Our courses are cost-effective, do not have deadlines, are available 24/7, and therefore they won’t disrupt your normal working hours. Through these courses you will learn what Legionella is and how it can be transmitted, who is most at risk as well as treatments available. More importantly, you will learn about the legal responsibilities you have as well as what a risk assessment is and how to control your water systems to avoid stagnation.

Want to learn more about monitoring and reviewing Legionella control measures? Contact us today.

Health and safety e-learning courses with Bison Assist

At Bison Assist, we believe that Healthy and Safety e-learning courses are a fast and effective way to train your staff and ensure compliance with existing regulations, not to mention that e-courses are cost-effective and easy to implement.

Health and safety is a major concern in the workplace, and ensuring your staff are well-trained and up to speed means you can run your business with peace of mind that you’re up-to-date with current legislation.

Our e-learning courses

At Bison Assist, we have developed a wide range of e-courses, all of which are customised to fit the needs of your workplace. Currently, we offer the following e-learning courses:

·         Legionella Awareness

·         Fire Awareness and responsibilities of Fire Marshals

·         Cross Infection Control

·         Health and Safety Awareness

·         COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)

·         Manual Handling

·         Safe Handling of Medicines

We also offer lessons that will help train your staff in the following areas:

·         Data Protection

·         Equality and Diversity

·         The Role of A Personal Assistant

·         Safeguarding Adults

·         Safeguarding Children

Healthy and Safety e-learning

Benefits of Healthy and Safetye-learning courses

At Bison Assist, we strongly believe that for any business taking the safety of its employees seriously, investing in health and safety courses is crucial. Compared to regular courses, e-learning is more cost-effective since it can be set up quickly and can be accessed from anywhere. E-learning is quick and involves a streamlined process that’s becoming more and more popular as a platform for learning. As a matter of fact, more and more organisations around the world choose e-learning to deliver updated training to their employees.

All of our e-learning courses are SCORM compliant, and your employees can work at their own pace and complete the training over the course of several days or weeks.

In a world where we now need to consider our impact on the environment, Healthy and Safety e-learning courses are ideal because they require no carbon footprint compared to conventional health and safety learning courses.

Want to learn more?

Healthy and Safety E-learning courses are quick, simple and can get your employees compliant with major health and safety regulations effectively. To find out how we can help you with our e-courses, visit our website at https://bisonassist.co.uk/.

The importance of Legionnaires’ disease testing

Legionellosis – also known as Legionnaires’ disease – is an infection caused by various bacteria of the genus Legionella. The disease is transmitted through droplets of water that contains these organisms at high levels. Legionella bacteria grow naturally and can be found in various environmental settings, therefore it is difficult to eradicate them completely or stop them from entering our water systems. Although the disease itself is relatively rare, these bacteria can cause other serious complications such as Pontiac fever and pneumonia. A small concentration of these bacteria is not harmful, but in an encouraging environment, they can reach an ideal temperature and multiply, creating a thick biofilm that sticks to the surface of pipes that contain still water or accommodate slow-moving water.

Legionnaires’ disease testing – our services

At Bison Assist we have developed a comprehensive system for testing Legionella which includes multiple steps. As members of the Legionella Control Association, we will provide accurate results with the help of our highly-qualified technical service teams. By determining the actual source of the infection, it’s possible to make a claim, and if left unidentified and exposed, the source of legionella will continue to be a threat.

Commercial premises in the UK in particular, are required to have an in-house Legionnaires’ disease testing system and they need to show evidence that they are compliant with the current legislation. Bison Assist will test your premises at least once a year, thus reducing the risk of a Legionella infection. Additionally, we will provide a comprehensive and up-to-date plan for preventing the disease with an emphasis on frequent water tests on your premises. Our aim is to reduce any risk by providing detailed records as per the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Legionnaires’ disease testing

Why choose us

At Bison Assist, our commitment to quality in our Legionnaires’ disease testing and consulting services is what sets us apart. Not only do we offer services all over the UK, but also we have many years of experience working across multiple business sectors. We work closely with all of our clients and our prices are very competitive. To learn more about our services, visit our website: https://bisonassist.co.uk/.

Health and safety courses with Bison Assist

While some people may roll their eyes at the rules and regulations in the workplace, we often lose sight of the importance of health and safety in protecting millions of workers around the UK. Whatever size business you have, health and safety should always be on your priority list and we at Bison Assist are here to help you with our customised and highly-efficient health and safety courses.

The importance of health and safety courses

It might be quite obvious, but one of the main reasons why health and safety courses and training are important is because it’s mandatory. According to The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act, all businesses in the UK must implement health and safety regulations which have to be followed thoroughly both by employers and employees. Breaking these laws can lead to severe consequences, including fines and even criminal prosecution.

Another important reason why health and safety training in the workplace is vital, is because workplaces can be hazardous. Whether you work in an office or at a busy construction site, all workplaces come with risks. Hazards such as unsecure equipment as well as trips or falls happen every day, and so training and protocols must be in place to avoid any serious injuries from occurring, not to mention the potential financial costs. Companies who invest in effective health and safety training programmes can reduce their costs more effectively than others. Clear guidelines increase productivity, but will also help you cut down on indirect or unnecessary costs.

Our health and safety training

health and safety courses

At Bison Assist, as part of our commitment to providing high-quality health and safety training in the workplace, we specialise in organising health and safety e-learning courses with an emphasis on the current legislation. Our qualified training courses are SCORM compliant, which means that you can complete them at your own pace. Moreover, our e-courses are easily accessible, cost-effective, and discreet as well as tailored to cover the legal training requirements of your business. For more details, head over to https://bisonassist.co.uk/

Fire risk assessment report

What is a fire risk assessment report?

The purpose of a fire risk assessment report is to help you identify any fire hazards in your organisation and subsequently deal with any potential risks that may arise off the back of this assessment. In England and Wales, it is a legal requirement for every workplace to carry out a fire risk assessment and in businesses where there are 5 or more employees, a record must be kept of any significant findings in the form of a fire risk assessment report.

Fire risk assessment report

The responsible person

As well as employers having a duty to undertake a fire risk assessment, there are also other non-domestic premises in which the person responsible for fire safety, the ‘responsible person’ may need to ensure they have a fire risk assessment report. This could be where you are an owner with paying guests, for example, a bed and breakfast or guesthouse, a landlord or a building manager. It’s important to remember that even small fires can have fatal consequences which can result in serious financial implications for any business.

Who can complete the fire risk assessment?

It’s vital that the person undertaking the fire risk assessment report has the necessary knowledge to identify the risks and suggest practical precautions which can be taken. The type of fire risk assessment report you require will depend on many factors such as the size of your business, type of industry, sector, etc. However, if you are not confident in your ability to complete the fire risk assessment report in accordance with the necessary legislation, then it is advisable for a suitably qualified or experienced person to complete this on your behalf.

How we can help

At Bison Assist, we have years of experience in risk assessment services, across a variety of industries. We always ensure that every member of our team is kept fully up to date with health and safety legislation which is vital as legal guidelines are often subject to change. We can come out to your premises wherever you are based in the UK and carry out a full fire risk assessment in just one visit, with minimal disruption to your team. When it comes to fire risk assessments, don’t compromise on safety, partner with Bison Assist, a recognised leader in the marketplace.  Contact us today.

Fire safety: your responsibility made easier with our help

Last year there were over 15,500 non-residential fires in the UK, resulting in damage to property, injuries and in some cases, fatalities. Whatever size organisation you run, fire safety is important, you are legally obliged to ensure your premises are a safe place for your employees to work, which means taking action to minimise the risk of fire. In fact, the Health and Safety Executive has stated that fire risk assessments are mandatory for all business premises.

Although the responsibility is yours to bear, at Bison Assist we can help ease the burden by taking away any concerns you may have over whether you are compliant with current fire safety legislation. We provide comprehensive fire risk assessments for organisations of all sizes, so you can take the steps you need to ensure the safety of your employees.

Ticking the legal boxes

We make sure we’re always up to date with current fire safety legislation, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with any changes. Currently there are 4 pieces of legislation that you are required to meet: the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Approved Code of Practice – Safety signs and signals (L64 – Third edition 2015).

When we carry out a fire risk assessment at your premises, we’ll make sure you are compliant with each of the legal requirements stipulated in the above legislation. If you aren’t fully compliant, we’ll clearly highlight this in our report alongside recommendations to bring your organisation in line with current regulations.

fire safety

When carrying out your fire risk assessment, our highly trained, professional assessors will make sure that there is minimal disruption to your working day. While we’re addressing the fire safety at your organisation, you can focus on doing what you do best.

Don’t delay

Make sure your premises don’t fall victim to an accidental fire. Protect the safety of your employees and put fire safety first. Book your fire risk assessment with Bison Assist today. We’ll come out to your premises as soon as possible at a time that works for your schedule.

Fire Assessment

What is a Fire Assessment?

All business premises or other non-domestic premises must have a fire risk assessment by law, however, it’s a surprising fact that this important fire safety measure is often overlooked by many businesses. The result of a fire assessment not being carried out can mean many buildings are unnecessarily exposed to fire risk, with the potential for loss of life.

Legal guidelines

Fire risk assessments are a statutory requirement for all commercial premises and non-domestic premises in accordance with The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Penalties such as fines and even imprisonment can be applied if you don’t adhere to the necessary fire safety legislation.

How can we help?

At Bison Assist we are experts in carrying out fire assessments for any company, regardless of size. Our staff are fully trained to carry out fire assessments in a discreet way to ensure that your employees can still carry out their day to day business, with minimal disruption. The level of fire assessment required will vary depending on factors such as the type of premises and its use, but we will generally adopt this 5-step process:

Fire risk safety

1.         Identifying potential fire hazards.

2.         Identifying any people at risk.

3.         Evaluating the risks of fire and assess existing fire safety measures.

4.         Recording the findings and advising you of any action needs to be taken, if applicable.

5.         This fire risk assessment is then to be reviewed and updated regularly.

What is the penalty for not having a fire risk assessment?

If you do not ensure an adequate fire risk assessment has been carried out, this can result in strict penalties. You may be subject to severe fines, or even prison sentences in cases of extreme negligence. It is therefore vital that if you are responsible for fire safety at your premises or place of work, that you comply with all the relevant rules, regulations and procedures.

Bison Assist provides UK-wide coverage and so our friendly, fully trained staff can come out to you and undertake a fire risk assessment, wherever you are based. Contact us today

Put fire safety first with fire risk training

No matter what industry you’re in, no matter at what level of your organisation your employees work, in every workplace the responsible person must ensure that his staff members are receiving adequate safety training, as laid out in the Fire Safety Order 2005. This training must be up-to-date and in line with current fire safety regulations.

So how can you stay on top of the latest regulations? How can you ensure your staff are getting appropriate fire risk training?

With the help of Bison Assist. We provide up-to-date e-learning courses across a range of health and safety areas, including fire awareness. All of our courses are tailored to address the legal requirements set out by Health and Safety Executive, so you can rest assured that your organisation is compliant.

fire risk training

Why choose e-learning?

Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, you won’t want to take them away from their normal working routine any longer than is necessary. With e-learning, easy online access means they can slot in their fire risk training around their usual duties, working at their own pace to complete it any time, day or night. This means minimal disruption to your business, as well as being cost effective. You’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint as you avoid the need for traditional onsite training.

What do we cover as part of our fire risk training?

Our e-learning fire awareness course covers:

  • the dangers of fire
  • the importance of fire safety
  • the importance of fire awareness and prevention
  • scenarios addressing the consequences of fire.

On completion of our e-learning course, your employees will understand their responsibilities regarding fire and be able to explain the nature of fire, what fire hazards are and how to minimise them, as well as be able to outline the dangers and related issues around false fire alarms. From a practical standpoint, your employees will also be able to identify the different types of fire extinguishers, explain their uses and know what action to take should a fire occur.

To find out more about fire risk training, as well as the fire risk assessments we provide, get in touch with our team today. We’re here to ensure you stay safe and stay compliant.