Safe Handling of Medicines

Bison Assist eLearning: Safe Handling of Medicines

Whether it’s keeping inaccurate records, incorrectly administering medication, or improperly disposing of medicine, mishandling medicines can have fatal consequences. This can leave a business and any employees involved liable to legal repercussions, having a major impact on brand reputation and, ultimately, putting vulnerable people who rely on safe handling of medicines at risk.

Safe handling of medicines training is absolutely essential for anyone responsible for managing medicines in a professional setting. Medicine management courses equip employees with the proper knowledge necessary to understand their legal responsibilities, best practice, and due procedure when it comes to handling medicines.

By learning what different medications are used for and how each should be appropriately stored, administered, and disposed, employees will gain the necessary confidence to safely handle medication. They will also learn how to minimise risk by keeping clear records and risk assessments of any medication they are responsible for handling.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Safely order and receive medicines.
Safely administer medicines.
Safely store and dispose of medicines.
Practice safe record keeping.
Know how to change pharmacy.

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Why Choose eLearning?

At Bison Assist we understand the importance of evolution for any business. This is why we have developed a range of SCORM-compliant eLearning courses to ensure businesses and their employees keep up to date with the latest health and safety regulations. Our eLearning courses are a one-stop, cost-effective solution to training that is easily accessible for all employees and is available 24/7! We offer courses ranging from Legionella Awareness to Fire Awareness and even Data Protection to help businesses evolve and keep their health and safety standards high.

Why Choose Bison Assist?

Starting out as Legionella specialists, at Bison Assist we offer specialised risk assessment services and Learning courses across several different industries. Our large array of eLearning courses, ranging from Health and Safety Awareness to Equality and Diversity, as well as our on-site risk assessment services, help ensure our customers are up to date with the latest health and safety legislation. Our highly qualified risk assessors are experts in their field, guaranteeing a minimum level of disturbance while saving time and money.

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