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Warehouse fire risk assessment

When you work with Bison Assist, we help you cover all the bases when it comes to fire safety. When we perform your warehouse fire risk assessment, you will get a report that guides you through all the measures you need to put in place to be legally compliant, as well as protect your employees, visitors and your property.

Warehouse fire risk assessment Saving lives

This is the primary goal of fire prevention. Our warehouse fire risk assessment will help us create your fire action plan. It will identify potential hazards and risks as well as recommend steps you can take to instruct and train your employees. This might include putting up signage, clearing exit routes, appointing responsible persons and checking warning systems.

Warehouse fire risk assessment Reducing costs

Fire and smoke damage are often extensive. While insurance may cover many of your losses, the cost to your business in terms of time and effort can still be high. We can suggest ways to limit the damage so that if you do have an incident, the impact on your business is minimal. For example, we may look at how your fire detection systems work in the event that there is an incident when no one is in the building.


Even if you do not have any fires, there is still a risk to be prosecuted for non-compliance with regulations. If in the event of a fire you cannot show that you have taken all the necessary reasonable steps to prevent it, you may be liable for criminal prosecution. We can offer advice on recording your activities and demonstrating your compliance to help prevent any legal issues.

How we can help

We keep all these aspects in mind when we conduct your warehouse fire risk assessment. The final action plan for your premises will be comprehensive and detailed so you will have practical steps that you can take to bring your working environment up to standard.

When a member of the Bison Assist team comes to carry out your assessment, it will not disrupt your working processes. Our recommendations are based on the latest legislation and will minimise or eliminate fire risks, whenever possible. Wherever you are in the UK, we can get a team member out to you as quickly as possible when you book a fire risk assessment with us.

Fire risk assessment residential flats

If you are the landlord of a block of residential flats, you are usually responsible for fire safety compliance in communal areas. As these are likely to also be the exit routes for the residents, they are vital to any evacuation plan. There are plenty of nuances when it comes to the law in this area. To ensure that you are compliant, you need to carry out a formal fire risk assessment. Residential flats are one of the types of property that we have experience working with at Bison Assist. We can help you create an action plan to bring your building up to standard and create a timetable for future checks and maintenance.

What is ‘a risk’?

First of all, a risk is the likelihood of a hazard to cause harm. When it comes to fire safety, there are two aspects that we assess: potential hazards and risks. The former is anything that is likely to cause an issue. The second is the chance that it will happen. Once we have identified hazards and evaluated the risks, we make recommendations and offer advice to help eradicate or minimise both. The hazards that we come across vary with each fire risk assessment. Residential flats might have some or all of the following:

  • Blocked exits
  • Improperly maintained warning equipment
  • Inadequate firefighting equipment
  • Poor signage
  • Bad lighting
  • Hazardous or flammable materials

Modern flats will have stringent fire safety measures built into the design. The risk and level of work required will be higher for bigger, older buildings. You may also need to consider any special matters/conditions that apply to your residents based on their age and/or physical capabilities. We help you take all this into account when we carry out your fire risk assessment.


You need to re-evaluate the fire safety measures in your flats at regular intervals. The exact timeframe varies depending on the modernity of your premises. We establish an excellent working relationship with our clients from the outset so that you can rely on our services for years to come.

Get compliant fast

With Nationwide coverage, one of our Bison Assist representatives can visit your property as soon as possible, no matter where you are in the UK. Once you begin the process, you are already starting to fulfil your legal obligations. We can take you step-by-step through the process of ensuring you are fire safety compliant. Our team track the latest legislative developments to make sure you are up to date. 

School fire risk assessment

At Bison Assist, we offer tailored fire risk assessments for many different types of premises. The service we offer to schools is carried out during the normal working day without disrupting any activities. We provide a comprehensive report that will help minimising the risk(s), prevent expensive damage and ensure that you are compliant with legislation.

What does a school fire risk assessment do?

Fire risk assessment shapes your fire plan. It identifies potential hazards and suggests ways to minimise the danger. The initial goal of a fire plan is to prevent fires from occurring. When they do happen, the plan helps to prevent spreading and aids firefighting. It also ensures that people can be evacuated safely. Some fire plans also include steps to ensure the removal of valuable property, if it is safe to do so.

What will your fire risk assessment do?

Your school fire risk assessment will produce an initial plan to ensure your premises and people are compliant, having appropriate training. It will also lay out your ongoing responsibilities. There are various checks that need to be carried out to ensure that everything remains at the required standard.

What will we do?

A member of the team from Bison Assist will identify and evaluate fire hazards and make recommendations for you to carry out in order to reduce the risk. The consultant may recommend the removal of hazards where possible or recommend steps that you can take to minimise the risk. This could include installing or maintaining equipment, clearing fire routes or protecting various areas.

To be compliant with legislation, you need to be able to show the steps you have taken to minimise risk. We can advise on how to record your actions, create plans for ad-hoc risks, inform staff, pupils and visitors about risk prevention, and train people when necessary.

Contact us

At Bison Assist, we offer a UK-wide service. When you book a school fire risk assessment with us, one of our friendly, professional representatives will visit your establishment as soon as possible. They provide you with all the information you need to minimise any risks and ensure the safety of your school.