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Health & Safety Fines, fatalities and failure

South West Water, KFC, Iceland, Wilko, Howden Joinery, the list goes on. In just a single year, all of these big name companies fell foul of UK health and safety law. The fines levied against them were at least £1 million each, not to mention the human cost in terms of both injuries and fatalities.

You may think you have every angle covered when it comes to the health and safety of your employees but all it takes is one missing handrail (as in the case of Iceland) or a lack of access to protective gloves (as in the case of KFC), to result in fines, potential injuries or fatalities and ultimately the failure of your organisation to protect its people.

Attention to detail and a thorough understanding of health and safety legislation are essential to make sure you are compliant. None expects you to have this expertise or knowledge in-house but everyone, from your customers to the judicial system, expects you to follow the letter of the law when it comes to health and safety. There really is no room for error and that’s why it is important to book a health and safety audit as soon as possible.

Bison Assist are here to help

For almost a decade now Bison Assist has been helping organisations, both in the public and private sector, stay compliant with UK health and safety legislation. Whether you employ 5 people or 500, whether you are in hospitality or retail, industry or logistics, we have the skills and experience to fully assess the health and safety risks of your organisation.

We will identify hazards, assess the preventive measures you already have in place and suggest what further measures you need to take to ensure you are compliant with current legislation.

We keep track of every change and update to UK health and safety legislation so you can focus on the business at hand. Our qualified assessors will carry out an in-depth health and safety audit with minimal disruption to your normal working operations.

With your Bison Assist health and safety audit in hand, you can rest assured that your employees, your organisation and your future business are protected.

Act now

Don’t waste another day living with the uncertainty of whether your health and safety is up to scratch. Get in touch with Bison Assist today and we’ll arrange for one of our highly skilled assessors to visit your organisation as soon as possible. With assessors nationwide, you won’t have to wait long to get your health and safety audit.

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