Legionnaires disease – deadly, costly, and unavoidable

Why a Legionnaires risk assessment is vital

Every year there are around 500 cases in the UK. Even modern medicine can’t save them all. Those responsible face millions of pounds in fines. We are of course talking about Legionnaires disease, a potentially fatal lung infection, which can be avoided if an effective Legionella risk assessment is carried out and taken action on.

Just this year, Bupa Care Homes was fined £3million  following the death of a man resident at one of their care homes from Legionnaires disease. Could your business afford to face such a heavy penalty? More importantly, could your conscience bear the burden of culpability?

Stay compliant with a Legionella risk assessment

At Bison Assist we can help you avoid the costly consequences of not taking appropriate measures to prevent a Legionnaires outbreak. We are Legionnaires specialists and can carryout a comprehensive Legionella risk assessment for your business or for your residential property. Whether public or private, from healthcare and education to business centres and commercial properties, we have experience across industries.

What does a Legionella risk assessment involve?

We’ll identify and assess any and all risk sources, provide a report detailing our recommendations, if any, including a full schematic drawing of the water system and requirements for water testing. This means you’ll be armed with all the knowledge you need to implement effective measures to manage the risk of Legionnaires posed by your business. This is essential if your business is to remain compliant with the stringent regulations laid out by the UK’sHealth and Safety Executive.

Don’t delay

Legionnaires disease is water borne. That means it could lurk in toilets, bathrooms and kitchens but also your water storage systems and air conditioning units. The only way to really know if you have covered all your bases and adequately protected your employees, customers and anyone else who may come into contact with your business, is to get a Legionella risk assessment.

Get in touch with Bison Assist today, your accredited member of theLegionella Control Association. With our nationwide teams, we can get an expert assessor out to your business pronto.

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